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AT24 Medicare: Together We Care

AT24 Medicare doesn't have access to your information, we do not sell or share your information with any third party, and also follow highly secured policies so that information isn’t compromised at any step.

A global authority in information security standards, to preserve the integrity, availability, and dignity of its data assets.

Organizational security is ensured through acknowledgment and stringent access controls. Strong administrative controls and monitoring are used to secure processes. Strong technical measures, as well as recurring contingency planning and penetration testing, are used to secure systems.

256-bit encryption



HIPAA compliant data centers


compliant data centers


Secure organizational practices ensured by awareness and stringent access controls,Secure processes through strong administrative controls and monitoring,Secure systems with strong technical measures, and frequent vulnerability assessments and penetration testing

Patients' data security –

- Your data can only be viewed by you and no one else neither AT24 Medicare has access to it.

- We send you alerts and notifications if you opt for it.

- We only send promotional messages with an option of skipping out any time

- Your data is not shared with any third party.

Doctor's data security -

- We do not access or view your practice data.

- Your data is not shared with any third party.

- Doctors have complete control over all the conversations done with their patients.

- We adhere to strict data policies to protect users' privacy and security.

secure platform

Secure platform for Medical Professionals

Services at, At24 Medicare are intended to safeguard user privacy.

We never send promotions to your walk-in patients

We never reach out to your walk-in patients.

As per our privacy policy, According to our privacy policies, we never contact your walk-in patients or forward them campaign content. Any patient can only reach out to us at24medicare.com
Your data has multiple encrypted backups

Multiple encrypted backups of data.

Most files are stored and versioned multiple times all across the globe in secure locations. We also use an intelligent feature known as point-in-time recovery to retrieve data from a specific time frame
We don’t sell your data

We do not share your information.

We understand the importance of your healthcare information and take data privacy very seriously. We highly safeguard it and will never compromise with it. Your information is safe and we never share it with anyone
We never mix doctors’ data with patients’ data

Data inaccuracy

Our platform employs industry-standard firewalls and adheres to a strict privacy policy designed to keep providers' and patients' data separate.

Safety for your Health Info

AT24 Medicare we ensure that your data is secured.

secure platform
Your data is for your eyes only

Everything is safeguarded by 256-bit encryption.

AT24 Medicare employs world-class measures to safeguard your data from unauthorized access. It is always preserved by multiple encryption techniques (256-bit encryption over the network).
Everything is protected with 256-bit encryption

Two-factor authentication.

Precautionary measures are beneficial. We allow you to enable two-factor authentication, ensuring that your data is truly safe and that no one else can access it except you.